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arrow link War: A Vietnam Memoir
"The goal of the military in war is simple," says a friend of mine who has worked at the Pentagon, "?killing people and breaking things." In addition to being killed, people are among the "things" in war that get broken. This explains in a nutshell why war is and always has been a health issue, and why I believe it is an appropriate concern for a journal devoted to health.

arrow link The Three Walls Behind the Wall
The principal difference between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives - Mark Twain. The origins of a myth are often rooted in fact and tangible experience. Over time, embellishment and exaggeration give life and color to a fact's humble beginnings, and before you know it, Big Foot is roaming the woods of the Northwest, the neighbors are being harvested by bug-eyed, gray-skinned aliens who haven?t the sense to wear warm clothing and Elvis is frequenting Wyoming coffee shops.


arrow link Voice of Vietnam by Kristina Odom
The 500-foot-long V-shaped Vietnam Veterans Memorial, better known as ?the Wall,? is becoming one of Washington, D.C.?s, most popular tourist attractions.

arrow link Vietnam Times by Erica Smith
As a young man, Ho Chi Minh?s interest in political reform first begins to develop with his employment as a chef?s assistant in the French merchant fleet...

arrow link The Tonkin Times by Amanda McBride
On August 2, 1964, North Vietnamese speed boats attacked the U.S.S. Maddox, patrolling in the Gulf of Tonkin. The North Vietnamese fired three torpedoes and a round of machine gun fire, though only one shot actually hit the Maddox, and no casualties resulted.


arrow link The Report by Bridgette Scholl
In previous wars, such as the Revolutionary War, and American Civil War, soldiers accustomed themselves to order, battlefields, and rows of troops. This war is a different story. In Vietnam, soldiers are constantly fearful of hit and run attacks and ambushes....


arrow link K.S.U. Tribune by Brittany Bounds
Shortly before noon, students gathered in the commons area of Kent State University (Payne ?Chronology?). There were more than a thousand students in the area at the time, but approximately 200 were the ?hard-core demonstrators,? (Bevington)...

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