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arrow link Fourteen Days at Nhi Ha
The assault unfolded quietly at first, but the grunts of the lead company were extremely uneasy as they advanced across the sandy, scrubby fields, the sky clear and hot above them. For one thing, there was scant cover. The terrain was flat and open, interrupted only by dunes and low-lying hedgerows and treelines. In addition, enemy units were suspected of having recently moved into the area. The ground was littered with shell casings and discarded equipment from previous engagements.


arrow link Black Panther's Helmet
After 36 years of stewardship of a sacred possession, the rightful owner has been found. In 1967, I was the Crew Chief with 176th AHC. My UH-1D, named the "Oregon Taxi", assisted in supporting two (2) Brigades of the 101st, 1/327, 2/327 and 2/502. The AO at that time was Que Son, Happy Valley's, Tam Ky and points west. Many occasions we conducted CC (Command and Control) missions with Company and Brigade Commanders. 1/327th was LTC. Jerry Morse, "Ghost Rider" and 2/327 was LTC. Edmund Abood "Black Panther".


arrow link Delta Air Strike
August 10, 1968 2nd battalion's newly formed "Delta Company" was decimated by their own air strike. Eight were killed and over 50 wounded. Posted here are stories from a few that were there that awful day:


arrow link Task Force Dorland at Hill 63
The 3rd NVA Regiment thought they owned the Que Son Valley. But the 196th Light Infantry Brigade Chargers begged to differ.


arrow link Hill 86
On September 17, 1966 Company B, 2nd Battalion 327 Infantry's command post, located on Hill 86 near the village of Tuy An in Phu Yen Province, was attacked and overrun by an overwhelming superior enemy force employing numerous grenades, satchel charges, and automatic weapons, supported by mortars and machine guns.


arrow link Hill 882
This is a story of the first battle faced by a nineteen-year-old infantry soldier in the mountains west of FSB Vehgel, May 1970, one month preceding the siege of FSB Ripcord in the A Shau Valley. Ted McCormick was a member of B Co., 1/327th Infantry, 101st ABN Division. Ted's unit was combat assaulted to Hill 882 on a search and destroy op and ran into a sapper base camp. The operation was "Texas Star" and ran from Apr - Sept 1970. "Unknown to us, we faced a full NVA division, who was beginning to assemble to attack Ripcord and keep us from the Valley that summer."


arrow link LZ Construction
Remember in training, there were always classes about this and that? "Hello, I'm Sergeant Black and I'll be your principal instructor for the next fifty minutes." Remember that?

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