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The Humanitarian aspect of Vets With A Mission began in 1988 and is a group of Vietnam veterans and non-veterans who are dedicated to bringing healing, reconciliation and renewal to the people of Vietnam. It strives to accomplish this through the compassionate, humanitarian efforts of people who desire to rise above the tired political arguments and unnecessary apologetics concerning our involvement in the war. Vets With A Mission is doing something constructive to help a people with whom we have shared so much suffering in common. Get more detail on Vets With A Mission Humanitarian Projects here.

Though America withdrew from Vietnam in 1975, the tragedy did not end there for the Vietnamese people. They still suffer from the devastating effects which decades of war have brought to Southeast Asia. Today, nearly 75 million people struggle under the curse of poverty, inadequate medical care, and grinding hardship. Though normalization is now a reality and Vietnam has taken aggressive steps to modernize her economy her infrastructure, health care, and standard of living still lags behind most of the world.

Vets With A Mission has a variety of projects. We work to establish Clinics and Rehabilitation Centers and have currently built twenty one rural health stations in Vietnam. We offer medical training programs and work with the local doctors to help improve their level of education and skills in the medical profession. We provide medical supplies and equipment to the clinics we've built as well as existing clinics. We work with local churches providing Bibles and Christian literature, funding church repairs, and supporting their outreach efforts, which includes Christian medical teams that reach out to those who are unable to get proper medical care. Through Vets With A Mission these medical teams can give hope to the increasing number of addicts and HIV/AIDS victims in Vietnam.

Your tax deductible contributions help support the following:

To Establish Clinics and Rehabilitation Centers - Volunteers are involved in construction and renovation of rural medical clinics to meet the many health care needs of the poor. Vets With A MissionWe also help establish rehabilitation centers to train young people in vital job skills, care for disabled veterans and provide prosthetic assistance. Vets With A Mission sponsored and helped built the Health Information and Education Center (H.I.E.C.) in Da Nang, which operates educational health programs on basic preventive health care issues with special emphasis on STD's, HIV/AIDS.

Medical Training Programs - Vets With A Mission teams bring in medical professionals in a variety of fields to help train their Vietnamese counterparts and improve the substandard quality of Vietnamese medical care. Doctors, dentists, nurses, dental hygienist and specialists work with the Vietnamese in the field and offer their expertise in training seminars. We have supported medical projects in Dong Nai Province, QuangNam-Da Nang Province, Nge Be District, the Pediatric Research Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Pediatric Hospitals 1&2 in Ho Chi Minh City, The Center of Traumatology & Orthopaedics in Ho Chi Minh City, The Saigon Medical School, the Dinh Quan Distric Hospital in Dong Nai Province, the Rehabilitation Center in Da Nang, and the Peace Village Rehabilitation Center in Song Be.

Provide Medical Supplies - We bring in shipments of medical supplies, nutritional supplements, diagnostic and surgical equipment, dental supplies, orthopedic equipment, and pharmaceuticals to stock and maintain the operation of the medical facilities we support.

Church Support - We also help Christians in Vietnam by providing Bibles and literature, funding church repairs, and supporting their outreach efforts to lepers, Aids victims, and drug addicts.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Vets With A Mission depends on concerned individuals and organizations who desire to alleviate the suffering in Southeast Asia. All contributions are fully tax deductible. If you desire to help, or need additional information on our projects, policy, team trips to Vietnam, orphan sponsorship program, or medical needs, please contact us at:

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For more information on our projects in Vietnam visit our Vets With A Mission Humanitarian website.

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