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Que Son Valley

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linkClick Here for an article that appeared in Vietnam Magazine by Eric Hammel. If you served in the Que Son Valley this is a must article for you to read.

During the War years the Marines established a base in Que Son Valley called Nui Loc Son. This hill became one of the most important positions for intercepting the flow of material and troop movement moving down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. It became the scene of many a battle during its occupation by the Marines and later the Army and eventually the ARVN'S.

Vets With A Mission has constructed several medical clinics in QuangNam-Danang Province. We have built a clinic in the Que Son Valley. Many of the former NVA and Vietcong officers of the war years are now the governments party leaders in this area. It was such a strong hold of American and South Vietnamese influence during the war that after 1975 it became necessary to construct several re-education camps in this area. Below you will find photos of Marines occupying Nui Loc Son plus several photos of one of the re-education camps that is located next to what was the command center of Nui Loc Son or Loc Son Mountain. The second link of this site will show the work that Vets With A Mission has done in the Que Son Valley.

Marines and Nui Loc Son

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