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Marble Mountain

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NSA Hospital DaNangQue Son Valley

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OceanNorth of the Mountains on the ocean side of the road was a Marine Helicopter base know as MAG 16, also North of the mountains was the 5th USMC Comm. Battalion. South of that was 5th Special Forces Compound.
Vietnamese villagerMost of the villagers were jewelers and worked with the Marble from the mountains. At the base of Marble Mountain there was a monastery.
POWOn the other side of the road north of the mountains was a POW compound. There was a leprosarium south of the mountains on the coast. The Leprosarium has since been moved to the base of the Hi Van Pass. The village at the base of the mountains was called Nui Kim Son, which translates to "Mountain of Gold".

Guardian GodThe mountain had a huge cave opening and just inside the cave are two huge statues of gods guarding the entrance. Since 1975 the mountains have become a tourist stop and you can tour any of the caves with children from the village of Nui Kim Son.

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