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Marble Mountain

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NSA Hospital DaNangQue Son Valley

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BuddhaInside many of the caves are statues of Buddha. This one is a new addition and sits outside near the main Temple. It is inside the grounds at the base of the entrance to the Mountain complex.
Buddha This Buddha sets inside a cavern and is carved from a green marble that the picture does not really reveal to its fullest. Notice the little child playing in front of the shrine.
one of female goddessThis one is a female goddess and is set back into another cavern and you can see clearly the green marble stone that it was cut from. These two statues are hundreds of years old.
TempleThis is the main cavern inside the largest of the mountains. It has the opening at the top and a small temple built into the cavern for temple services. There are two guard statues that sit guarding this temple site.
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