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Marble Mountain

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HorseshoeA view from halfway up Monkey Mountain looking south towards what the Marines called the Horseshoe. The Marble Mountain mountains can be seen in the distance.
MAG 16 security This photo was taken inside the preminteerer of MAG 16 in early 1965. it shows the Marble Mountains to the south. This was a defensive position occupied by 9th Marines who were the MAG 16 security.
Tank guarding the entrance...This photo shows a tank guarding the entrance to the base camp for 3rd Amtracks in 1968. The photo is from Fred Wingfield a former member of 3rd Amtracks.
3rd Amtrack area...Another photo of the 3rd Amtrack area at Marble Mountain in 1968. The ARVN troops are celebrating the capture of an NLF (VC) flag.

105 rifle


This photo is of a 106 Recoilless Rifle mounted ontop of what the Marines called Crow's Nest Mountain one of the five mountain of Marble Mountain. The only access to the gun was by ropes. This photo was taken in 1968 and was manned by Marines.
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