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Tank game   Game

These photos are of a game in one of Saigon's parks. The picture was taken in 1989 when the feelings towards Americans was still a little hostile. The pictures show American tanks and amtrak's and the players try to hit them with rubber band darts to win prizes.

Protest  Protest

These are photos taken at the Concord Naval Weapons Station in Concord California. One of the main munitions loading and storage stations on the West Coast during the Vietnam War.

I was stationed here after being a patients at the Oakland Naval Hospital. This was the worst possible duty station for a returning mad, angry Marine. We had to face these protesters on a daily basis as Military Police . The protester were about as violent as the VC and NVA. We had regular encounters with them and they did not do well. It was a great stress reliever and a place to get out some of that anger. The Govt.' was not too bright in stationing Vietnam Vets here.

Rare cupRare Vietnam cupleft: This extremely rare Viet Cong cup was purchased at the military market in Saigon in 1998 by Bill Kimball. The cup is a commemorative cup honoring the victory of the National Liberation Front in 1975. The cup has the Liberation's official stamp on the bottom of the cup.

right: The inscription on the reverse side reads: "Endeavor to completely defeat the American invasion with unswerving resolve". A very rare piece of memorabilia from the Viet Cong era.




This NVA Commerative Plate was purchased in Saigon in 1995. It belongs to Bill Kimball President of Vets With A Mission.


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