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Image: StarIn 2010: The second 2010 humanitarian trip was to Man Thai in Da Nang and Loc Vinh in Hue Thua Thien Province. The medical team, with twenty-six members, completed its humanitarian effort July 14-30. The team accomplished the following:

- 1,531 medical patients including 97 Chiropractic patients were examined.
- 7 cataract procedures were provided.
- 2 sets of braces & special shoes for three polio patients were given.
- 1 Kidney dialysis and 1 Chemo/Radiation patient was assisted.
- 51 wheelchairs, 2 sets of crutches, 10 walkers, 3 hearing aids & 9 canes were provided.
- 2 heart surgeries were sponsored with 4 patients waiting funding for future heart procedures.
- 9 other hospitalizations for tests and minor surgeries were sponsored.
- 1 gastronomical surgery (tumor removed), 1 Thyroid, 1 Goiter and 1 Hernia surgery were done.
- 1 Special Motorized Wheelchair ($190) was given away.
- 1,500+ toothbrushes with toothpaste and $9,897 in medicine was given away to patients “free.”
The first medical humanitarian mission team of 2010 went to Hue April 16 – 30 to offer its charity services to the poor in Quang Vinh and Thuy Chau Communes. The team worked for six consecutive days, usually 10 hours each day, and saw 1,437 medical patients, 957 optical patients, and 502 dental patients representing approximately 690 extractions. There were 47 cataract procedures, 5 "other" eye operations, and 29 "special" eye exams. The team gave away 30 wheelchairs, 10 canes, 4 walkers and sponsored 2 hearing aids. They also provided 6 heart surgeries, 9 hospitalizations & 7 "other" surgeries. The team expended from is "Patient Services & Medicine Fund" $40,194 for Heart Surgeries ($15,600), Medicine ($7,869), Hospitalizations/Tests/Other Surgeries ($3,890), Hotel/Transport/Meal/Food stipends ($905), Eyeglasses (valued at $9,570). The wheelchairs given away were valued at $1,970. In addition, 1 Bicycle & 1 Special Motorized Wheelchair ($390) was sponsored.

The third and final humanitarian medical mission team for 2010 will take place September 23 to Hue City and Hong Ha, A Loui/Hong Kim in Hue Thua Thien Hue Province.

Image: StarIn 2009: VWAM was to make its first official visit to the Central Highlands – Ban Me Thuot! The medical team partnered with a Vietnamese charity, the Social and Medical Committee of the Evangelical Church of Viet Nam – South (SOMEDCO), who had gotten permission for the medical team. Again, the Vietnamese authorities told VWAM and SOMEDCO that the team could not travel to Ban Me Thuot due to “civil and church unrest.” This word came with only a week to go before the team was flying to Viet Nam. What led up to this denial of permission was the demolition of the last standing post-1975 CMA church in Ban Me Thout. The team lost two members but the remaining team members arrived in Saigon waiting for a new assignment. Two days later the team was given permission to go to Vinh Long in the Mekong Delta. Between May 5-9 the 32 Vietnamese-American team worked fouor days and saw just over 2,000 patients – a new VWAM record! With the help of the Dung Phu Evangelical Church, the team worked on Cai Be Island, at the church, Dung Phu village, Hoa Ninh Clinic, and Bunh Hoa Phu village. The team treated 2,037 patients for an average of nearly 509 per day! In summary the team saw 2,037 patients providing $7,500 in medicine; $650 in food stipends; $750 for transportation assistance; $9,000 for surgeries; $2,200 for hospitalizations/diagnostic tests; $1,400 for 20 wheelchairs, 2 walkers, 3 canes; 200 pairs of eyeglasses ($1,200) and 3 hearing aides ($475); 181 dental patients were seen and 267 teeth extracted; 8 cataract surgeries cost $1,100 and every patients received a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste!

The second humanitarian medical team trip for 2009 went to Hong Ha, A Ngo and Hong Kim near A Luoi, Thua Thien Hue Province September 16 – October 2. This team saw 1,027 medical patients, 297 optical patients, and 287 dental patients (386 extractions). 8 wheelchairs, 10 canes and 9 walkers were given away. $36,000 was expended by the "Medicine & Patient Services Fund" for surgeries ($17000), Medicine ($8760), Hospitalizations/Tests ($4650), Hotel/Transport/Meal stipends ($1690), Rice & Noodles distribution ($900) and $3,000 was deposited in the 2010 Medicine & Patient Services Fund. Also, 5 heart surgeries and 3 cardiac evaluations were sponsored. In addition 2 cataract operations and 1 hearing aid were sponsored, and 1 hemorrhoid, 1 Achilles tendon, 1 Hernia and 1 tongue surgery was donated by the team. Other surgeries included 3 Thyroid, 2 Goiter, 1 leg and 1 foot surgery. 5 special cases were referred to Hue Central Hospital, and medical personnel on the team performed "on-site" 7 minor surgery procedures. Finally, the Hong Ha Primary School Kindergarten was given $100 and a supply of pencils, toys and clothing.

Image: StarIn 2008: two humanitarian medical teams went to Viet Nam.
The first was in February-March that was scheduled to Hong Ha in A Luoi District some 45 kilometers west of Hue. Unfortunately the Vietnamese government, specifically the Vietnamese Army and Provincial Police, withdraw permission just days before the team was to depart for Viet Nam! The proceeded to Viet Nam anyway, and after a three day delay, finally went to work in Hue. The 30 person medical team traveled to Thuy Binh Village outside of Hue to a government clinic and to Kim Long Dispensary (managed by the Carmelite Sisters of Charity) in Hue City proper. The team says over 800 patients in four days, gave away nearly $4,000 in medicine, provided wheelchairs, walkers, etc., valued at almost $1,000, and sponsored sixteen (16) surgeries that cost $17,400. Several of these procedures were life-saving heart operations for children (Another VWAM medical team trip is scheduled to go to Hong Ha and A Luoi District September 14 – 30, 2010).

The second 2008 humanitarian medical team was a twenty-two person humanitarian medical team traveled to Da Nang September 17 – October 3, 2008 to serve in Hoa Hai Medical Clinic near Marble Mountain (originally built by VWAM in 2004), and at Hoa Minh Red Cross Clinic, Lien Chieu District. The team treated 1,542 patients over seven days for an average of nearly 221 per day. Approximately 508 dental patients were seen over the same period or 72 per day. In addition the team dispensed $4,978 worth of free medicine to the poor, provided lab tests costing $370, sponsored $455 for one patient to be hospitalized for three days including her meds, purchased two hearing aids at $510, gave away were six canes, two walkers and four wheel-chairs worth $745. Also, the team provided two eye exams and two pairs of eyeglasses that cost $140, and one cataract removal at $145. Four major surgeries cost $11,500 (heart procedures for children) and emergency cash stipends of $950 were given to poor people who had no money for food, transportation, medicine, etc., and so on.
$19,787! The team raised just under $16,000 of that amount ($15,343), and two team members gave an additional $3,500 ($1,000 & $2,500) for surgery sponsorships. VWAM contributed another $940. Total medical/health expenditures of $19,787 equates to $12.82 expended per patient...

Image: StarIn 2007: During September 28 - October 12 a humanitarian medical team traveled to Da Nang City, Da Nang Province. This medical team worked out of the Anh Khe Health Commune, the Meu Nhu Health Commune, the Hoa Minh Red Cross Clinic and the Hoa Ky Health Commune. Fifteen volunteers treated over 1,600 poor people. Nearly $18,000 in free medicine, wheelchairs, canes, and walkers were distributed. Another $9,000+ was expended for four major operations (one life-saving heart procedure) and seven minor surgeries. Dozens of lab tests and hospital admissions for various conditions were sponsored by the team that cost just under $900. Also, a computer tech team assisted the for profit and not-for-profit vocational and community development operations at the Bread Of Life Coffee Shop and Bakery, the Love of Arts Centre and Café Oz, and the Fisher's SuperKids English Center all in Da Nang City.

Between January 17 - February 3 a medical team worked out of the Kids First Hand-In-Hand Clinic in Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province. Seventeen volunteers treated over 1,500 poor people. Nearly $11,000 in free medicine, wheelchairs, canes and walkers were distributed. Another $19,000+ was expended for nine major operations (four life-saving heart procedures) and fourteen minor surgeries. Dozens of lab tests and hospital admissions for various conditions were sponsored by the team that cost just under $1,000.

Image: StarIn 2006: In November a twelve person Typhoon Xangsane Disaster Relief Team spent three weeks in Danang City and Hoa Hai commune/ward near Marble Mountain. The volunteers came from All Nations Christian Fellowship in Vancouver BC Canada. After raising over $30,000 the team was able to provide 32 new roofs, rebuild 1 house, give away six tons of rice and other food staples, offer 47 emergency cash stipends between $50-$100 to families in need, present repair funds to the Danang Department of Health and Thanh Khe District Hospital to repair damage to four VWAM sponsored clinics, make major repairs at the Love of Arts Centre and Cafe Oz, and minor repairs at the Bread of Life Coffee Shop & Bakery and Pizza Parlor (friends of VWAM who work as NGO's in Danang).

During the month of June and July two teams of volunteers went to Danang. One team was a medical team while the other team was a project team. The medical team worked out of Chinh Gian Health Commune, a clinic sponsored and built the previous year by ANCF in Vancouver BC Canada. Two doctors, three nurses, one pharmacist, and eight other volunteers saw 1,000+ poor people in seven days. Over $9,000 in free medicine, wheelchairs, canes, and walkers were given away to patients. Nearly $7,000 was expended on several operations and hospital admissions. $900+ was provided for lab tests and other non-medical needs.

The second team was a project team that assisted two other NGO's based in Danang. Paul & Deborah Hilton were the recipients of painting, landscaping, general carpentry and concrete work as well as computer teaching and system upgrades, English instruction, and manual labor efforts at their Love of Arts Centre and Cafe Oz. This is a vocational rehabilitation and training center, and a music/arts school for disadvantaged Vietnamese children and adolescents.

Bob & Kathleen Huff operate the Bread of Life Coffee Shop & Bakery, and a new Pizza Parlor that trains deaf Vietnamese in occupational skills for employment there and in other restaurants around the city. The team of ten volunteers from Seacoast Church in Irmo SC built six double bunkbeds for the boys and girls dormitory, repaired and weather proofed 23 windows and 4 doors, painted, and provided computer teaching and training along with system upgrades for their office and business computers.

Image: StarIn 2005 (July) VWAM sponsored a 31 member medical team that saw over 1,200 patients for both medical and optometric care. $5,000+ was given for the purchase of medicine and $2,000+ was used for surgeries, hospitalizations, lab tests. 400+ pairs of eyeglasses were given away after eye exams were performed and another 2,400 pairs of eyeglasses were given to the Da Nang Department of Health for future VWAM optical teams.

Image: StarIn 2005 VWAM built the Thac Gian Health Commune, Da Nang, costing $15,000. All Nations Fellowship in Vancouver BC Canada sponsored VWAM's 27th medical clinic/health commune to be built in Vietnam with a gift of $15,000, and ANF sent a 11 person volunteer construction team to kick-off the project.

Image: StarIn 2004 In partnership with the Greater Seattle Vietnamese Association ($8,000 donation) VWAM sponsored the construction of a new school in Nang Ren-Gia Hoi Hamlet, Bac Leiu Province, in the Mekong Delta with its gift of $8,000. The elementary level school was for Fr. Peter Chanh and the Roman Catholic Nuns who teach at the school. The old school built in 1970 was torn down and replaced with this new school. About 240 children attend the school.

Image: StarIn 2004 VWAM built its first two Habitat For Humanity homes in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Image: StarIn 2004 VWAM built it’s 26 th medical clinic/health commune in Chinh Gian Health Commune, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang, costing $16,000. Two medical teams totaling 49 volunteers worked at Thanh Khe District Hospital, Da Nang during June & July 2004. These two teams saw over 2,000 patients and gave away nearly $10,000 in medicines. Also, 41 patients were given advanced treatment at Da Nang General Hospital or Hue Medical Center when over $4,000 was expended by VWAM and/or team members in sponsorships.

2003: Tho Quang Project Work TeamImage: StarIn 2003: VWAM built the Tho Quang Clinic in Tho Quang Ward in Son Tra District (Monkey Mountain), Danang City. This project was made possible with the donation of $16,000.

Image: StarIn 2002: VWAM donated $17,500 to build the Thanh Loc Dan Medical Clinic in Thanh Loc Dan Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang.

Image: StarIn 2001: We donated $15,000 to build the Tam Thuan Health Station in Danang City.

Image: StarIn 2000: We donated $15,000 and built the Hoi Hai Health Station that provides medical care to over 30,000 people.

Image: StarBetween 1989 -1999 VWAM shipped thirty-eight cargo containers (thirty one 40' footers and seven 20' footers) of donated medical, dental, orthopaedic, and pharmaceutical supplies to Vietnam via Trans-Pacific shipping to support our medical projects in Dong Nai Province, QuangNam-DaNang Province, Nge Be District, the Pediatric Research Hospital in HCM City, Pediatric Hospitals 1&2 in HCM City, The Center of Traumatology & Orthopaedics in HCM City, The Saigon Medical School, the Dinh Quan District Hospital in Dong Nai Province, the rehabilitation center in DaNang, and the "Peace Village" rehabilitation center in Song Be.

Image: StarIn 1995-1999: We donated $22,500.00 to the construction and operation of sister Jean Marie's street-children's program in Dong Nai Province.

Image: StarIn 1998: We donated $10,400.00 toward the construction of the "Health Information & Education Health Center (H.I.E.C.)" in DaNang.

Image: StarIn 1997: We donated $2,000.00 to a rural economic development program raising pigs in Vung Tau.

Image: StarIn 1996: We donated $6,000.00 to a model health care and redevelopment program with the Chau Ro Mongtagnard tribe in Phu Ngoc.

Image: StarIn 1996: We donated $10,000.00 toward the construction of a primary care facility in Hiep Duc south of Danang.

Image: StarIn 1996: We donated $15,000.00 toward the construction of a primary health care facility in Que Lam south of DaNang.

Image: StarIn 1995: We donated $8,000.00 toward the construction of a primary health care facility in Mit Nai, Dong-Nai Province.

Image: StarIn 1995: We donated $12,500.00 toward the construction of a primary health care facility in Troung Phouc south of Danang.

Image: StarIn 1995: We donated $12,500.00 towards the support of a rural surgical and dispensary program in Hue, Quang Tri Province.

Image: StarIn 1994: We donated $17,500.00 toward the construction of a medical clinic in Tam An.

Image: StarIn 1994: We donated $9,500.00 toward the construction of a medical clinic in Song Be Province. We also donated $6,000.00 towards the support of a rural surgical and dispensary program in Song Be.

Image: StarIn 1994: We donated $10,000.00 towards the construction of a primary health care facility in Que Son south of Danang.

Image: StarIn 1994: Hanoi officially designated our health station in Phu Ngoc as the model rural health care center for the entire country.

Image: StarIn 1993: We donated $12,000.00 toward the renovation of a medical clinic in Loc Ninh , Song Be Province.

Image: StarIn 1993: We donated $15,800.00 for renovations of the Ham Tan District Hospital in Thuan Hai Province which is about 170 kilometers Northeast of Ho Chi Minh City.

Medical center, Phu NgocImage: StarIn 1993: We donated $41,420.00 towards the construction and operation of a major medical training facility in Phu Ngoc , Tan Phu District , Dong Nai Province and have funded the first two satellite health stations linked to the main health station. This was a comprehensive rural health care project which enables us to bring in teams of doctors, dentist and medical specialist to train the Vietnamese in order to provide "up-to-date" health care for the entire province of Dong Nai with a population of 390,000 people.

Image: StarIn 1993: We donated $11,500.00 to the My Tho Orphanage for major renovations and construction of new living quarters for the children and retarded adults.

Image: StarIn 1993: We donated $22,400.00 for the construction of four rural medical/dental clinics in Nha Be district south of Ho Chi Minh City.

Image: StarIn 1993: We have helped launch a comprehensive orthopaedic, surgical training program in cooperation with "Orthopaedic Overseas" and "Health Services Volunteers" at the Orthopaedic & Traumatology Center" in Ho Chi Minh City. VWAM renovated the hospital, provided new equipment and updated the staff in the latest surgical techniques and surgical procedures. Also VWAM provided an update and upgrade to their computer systems by donating two 486 and two 386 computers with CD roms and printers to various medical training centers and instituted a computer training program at the "Center for Traumatology & Orthopaedics in “Ho Chi Minh City."

Image: StarIn 1993: We donated $12,100.00 the operation of a vocational rehabilitation center for teenagers in District #11 of Ho Chi Minh City . It was honored by Ho Chi Minh City officials as the best operated vocational rehabilitation school in the city!

Image: StarIn 1992-1995: We donated a total of $12,500 to the repair of three major churches in Ho Chi Minh City.

Image: StarIn 1992: We donated $10,000.00 towards the construction of a primary health care facility in Binh Lam south of DaNang.

Image: StarIn 1991-1992: We donated $36,000 for renovation to Polio Orphanage #5 in Ho Chi Minh City , which feeds and educates poor and disadvantaged children. This involved the repair and renovation of a therapy wading pool for polio victims at Polio Orphanage #5, the drilling of a new well and the installation of two submersible pumps. We also installed a new electrical system, new lightening fixtures, fans and electrical boxes. Furthermore, we have constructed a washing and laundry facility and renovated a auditorium to contain classrooms for children (ages 5-17) and purchased a house to serve as a half-way shelter for older children who are forced to leave the center, but have no where to go.

Image: StarIn 1991: We donated $25,600.00 for the operation of two street-children's outreaches in Ho Chi Minh City and in the "Suoi Nho New Economic Zone in Dong Nai Province."

Image: StarIn 1990: We donated $1,500.00 to construct a new kitchen facility at the Vocational Rehabilitation Orphanage #1 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vets With A Mission
depends on concerned individuals and organizations who desire to alleviate suffering in Southeast Asia. All contributions are fully tax deductible. If you desire to help, or need additional information on our projects, policies, or medical needs, please contact either Chuck Ward or Bob Peragallo.

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