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American Grunt

American Grunt
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Bill Kimball and Bob Peragallo have made numerous trips back to Vietnam since Vets With A Missions beginnings in 1988 . During one of our meetings with the government officials concerning one of our projects in Saigon we were presented with a photo book that was quite large and produced in Vietnam. It contained photos taken by Vietnamese and Japanese photographers during the Vietnam War. The photos probably have never been seen outside of Vietnam and are taken from both sides of the battle. How this book came about is a mystery to us, it is written in Vietnamese. The photographers were obviously attached to US military units but after the fall of Saigon in 1975 they became part of the new government and made their photos available to that government. The book appears to be put together by a Vietnamese photographer named PHAN VAN DONG. The photo on the left is of the inside cover of the book and is the dedication of the book.


Some of these photos show the extreme brutality of War.
We need to be reminded that war centers around death and destruction.
There is no nice way to fight a war. The cost of war is life.
Let us always remember the price that both sides will pay.


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