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This is VWAM's most ambitious proposed project todate. Vets With A Mission is cooperating with the Quang Tri Charitable Association (QCA) to "build and organize the operations of a Charitable Health Care Center" in Dong Ha Town, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. This facility would be a small hospital.

The Projects Objectives

1. To provide free health care services for the poor of the city of Dong Ha.

2. To provide health care activities and free delivery of medicines and health care consultation on disease prevention in Dong Ha and nearby areas to help the overall community health care services. Condition.

3. To enhance the awareness of local people in the health care of themselves and their families

4. To improve understanding between both countries through international cooperation in implementing the project and project follow through.

Cost of the project:

The cost of this project is 191,500 USD. This will be the largest project undertaken by VWAM since its beginning in 1988. If you would like to contribute to this project you may use our secure Donation link located at the bottom of this page or e-mail us the information provided below.

For More Info Contact:

Charles Ward, Executive Director
Vets With A Mission
P. O. Box 202
Newberry, SC 29108-0202
803-405-9926 or

Buon Me Thuot

VWAM would like to build a medical clinic in this central highlands location in Dak Lak Province. It would be managed by a Vietnamese couple, both physicians and Christians, that would have as its focus poor ethnic minorities and poor Vietnamese.

Projected cost of the Buon Me Thuot Medical Clinic is $23,000.

There is a rich and unique history concerning this proposed project involving former CMA and other humanitarian personnel dating back to 1968. Contact Chuck Ward at or call 803-405-9926 for details.

Dai Loc

In Que Son Valley in Quang Nam Province, not far from the Provincial capital of Tam Ky, is the place where VWAM would like to build a small medical clinic or rural health care station. This region was one of the more volatile war-torn areas near Danang. Many Marines and Soldiers fought in this hotly contested location.

Projected cost of the Dai Loc Medical Clinic is $27,600.

Contact Chuck Ward at or call 803-405-9926 for details.


Recent Typhoon Xangsane damaged several buildings and offices at Thanh Khe District Hospital. Thanh Khe District Hospital hosts VWAM medical teams that come throughout the year and operates under the auspices of the Danang Department of Health which cooperates with VWAM in building small medical clinics in Danang City.

Damage from the typhoon affected one area of the hospital that impacted both VWAM and the ability of the hospital to function. The patient processing and records section of the hospital, along with its computers and printers, was nearly destroyed by the storm due to rain and wind damaged.

This project would entail replacing all computers, printers, software and record files and cabinets. Cost of the Thanh Khe District Hospital Computer & Records Project is $17,250 to replace all ten computers, printers, software and accompanying files and cabinets.

Contact Chuck Ward at or call 803-405-9926 for details.


In the mid-nineties VWAM sponsored the construction and creation of the Health Information and Education Center (HIEC) in Danang for the Department of Health. The purpose of this office was, and has been, to promote public health awareness and implement preventive health measures. The program has out grown space available at the current facility and a renovated or new building is desperately needed to expand the program to accommodate additional medical and health personnel.

Cost of the H.I.E.C project is $74,750.

Contact Chuck Ward at or call 803-405-9926 for details.

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