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Tet Offensive

American GruntNVA and VCTet Offensive
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Journal logo In a sense, the Tet battles of 1968 saw both sides fall victim to their own propaganda. When NVA divisions began converging around the combat base at Khe Sanh in early January, President Johnson worried about a "second Dien Bien Phu." MACV welcomed the prospect. According to his body-count scorekeeping, the enemy was on the ropes. Dien Bien Phu would be refought and he would win it. He threw the bulk of his combat manuverables into I Corps to engage NVA regulars. By the morning of January 31 "The Front" was outside his back window, F-100s were flying tactical air support over the streets of Saigon, and there were fire fights in progress on the U.S. Embassy lawn. The ARVN had gone on holiday routine.


Marines in shelterTwo Marines take shelter against incoming shells in Hue during the Tet offensive. Death North Vietnamese soldierA North Vietnamese soldier slain in the battle for Hue lies surrounded by personal effects scattered by plundering soldiers.
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