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Tet Offensive

American GruntNVA and VCTet Offensive
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Journal logo But all was not going according to plan for the attackers. They found no "general uprising" to welcome their "general offensive." Confident of victory and conscious of history, Communist guerillas fought their way into every city in the country and foundered there, fish out of water. Whether they acted as a matter of policy or out of frustration at their compatriots' lack of ardor, some of the worst atrocities charged to their account occurred during the twenty-six days they held power in sections of Hue. Afterward, more than 3,000 bodies were found in mass graves around the city. Some had been buried alive


Death sisterA young boy grieves over the body of his sister, killed by U.S. helicopter gunfire near the Y Bridge when fighting again terrorized Saigon during "mini-Tet," May 1968.
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North Vietnamese soldiers in Hue...North Vietnamese soldiers in Hue guard a position with Chinese-made AK47 rifles. To photograph NVA units, French photographer Catherine Leroy worked her way behind Communist lines during the battle.
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