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Tet Offensive

American GruntNVA and VCTet Offensive
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Journal logo After the fact MACV would take comfort from the enormous numbers of enemy dead. His spokesmen would call the Tet offensive a "last ditch struggle" and compare it to the German winter offensive of 1944. But something was wrong. It became apparent that the enemy had taken MACV by surprise. His spokesmen said contradictory things about the enemy's intentions. His own intentions were unclear. He seemed not to be in control. He was fighting the enemy's war in the enemy's good time. If the enemy chose to fight on MACV's front porch, the enemy had the capability. If the enemy chose western Quang Tri Province MACV would hasten to meet him there.


Saigon radioFiremen fight a blaze set by ARVN troops to rout the enemy from the National Radio Station on January 31. Members of the elite VC C-10 Sapper Battalion lie dead outside te building.

Saigon fightCrouching behind a makeshift street barricade, South Vietnamese troops fire on communist positions on Cholon on February 7.
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