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Vietnam War - Squad

Here you will find information and pictures of not only the USA and all of its branches of the military, but also Australian Troops and even Canadians who joined the various branches of the US Forces.

Extensive sections on the NVA and NLF including rare images of medals. Reports from within the NVA of action including images and interviews. History from the perspective of those that were there… from both sides.

Two years an army MP

History of SP4 Ramon(Ray) 1966 - 1968

Written by SP4 Ramon D. Evans

I started writing from memory in 2015 about my life in the military. I have tried to include some of the interesting personal events that I still remember, which …

Vietnam War - Military Police


Vietnam War Nuilocson


Lance Cpl. James C. Farley taking his place at a gun station.

Vietnam War - Life

Marine Gun Team near China Beach Nov. "65"

China Beach

Private (later Lance Corporal) Thomas Douglas (Tom) Blackhurst of Swansea, NSW (left), with Justin and Lance Corporal Norman Leslie (Norm) Cameron of Kingston, SA, (right) with Cassius

Australians Allies

Marble Mountains - Vietnam War - Mount

Marble Mountain

Marines jury-rig a machine gun rest to return VC/NVA fire in Hue.


Canadians in Vietnam

Thousands of Canadians, including a Medal of Honor winner, served with the U.S. military in Vietnam

Canada’s Vietnam War Memorial Was Funded Entirely by Three Vietnam Veterans