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History of Vietnam –Tet Offensive

Vietnamese tradition held that the turning of the lunar year should bring auspicious signs and gladness of heart; thus it had become customary for both sides to observe a truce during the holidays celebrations. These celebrations were known as Tet

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The Tet Offensive
The Story of General Giap and the Tet Offensive, plus the effects of Tet in the United States. General Giap prepared a bold thrust on two fronts. With memories of the victory at Dien Bien Phu still in his mind he planned an attack on the US Marines firebase at Khe Sanh. At the same time the NVA and NLF planned coorinated attacks on virually all south Vietnam’s major cities and provincial capitals. This became known as the “Tet Offensive”. Numerous photographs included.

The Battlle of Hue
Marine Sergeant Alfredo Gonzalez, is awarded the Medal of Honor while serving with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment during the Battle of Hue City.

Turning Point
Article on how the Tet Offensive marked a turning point in the war among the media and political figures.

Tet 30th Anniversary
Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr., Editor, Vietnam Magazine Tet’s 30th anniversary presents a good opportunity to cut through the bodyguard of lies that distort that battle’s real significance.