Vietnam War - A Memoir - History

Early History

For thousands of years, Vietnam lived under Chinese rule through revolution and struggle, Vietnam has developed into the country we see today. Read some of our articles on how this country developed and learn more about the people and culture of this beautiful land. Also, be sure to visit our photo section for some amazing pictures of Vietnam.

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Brief History
A quick history of Vietnam, great for school reports.

Early History – Part 1
How Vietnam developed as an independent country.

Early History – Part 2
World War 2 Occupation and Liberation.

Origin of Vietnam Name
How Vietnam was named, plus 4000 years of dynasty rule.

Anti-Colonial Struggle
A political history of Vietnam.

Policy of Doi Moi
Insight into Saigon. The New policy of Doi Moi.

A Gentle Land
This article was written by Pico Iyer and first appeared in Passage to Vietnam.

Ascending Dragon
This is a section out of the book Land of the Ascending Dragon: Rediscovering Vietnam. Text by Paul Martin Photos by Steve Raymer. Contains 22 photos of Vietnam today and during the war.

Vietnam War - Rice Worker