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The Co Ho People

Co Ho (Xre, Nop, Co-don, Chil, Lat and Tring) have a population of nearly 100,000 people living in Lam Dong Province.

The young Co Ho women play an active role in marriage. Monogamy is practiced in Co Ho society. After the wedding, the groom comes to live with his wife’s family. The Co Ho believe in the existence of many deities including the sun, moon, mountain, river, earth, and rice.

Co Ho language belongs to the Mon-Khmer Group. The Co Ho possess an abundant wealth of folklore and culture. The verses of their lyrical poems, called Tampla, sound very romantic. They have many traditional dances to perform at festivals and ceremonies. Their instruments include gongs, dear-skin drums, bamboo flutes, box pan-pipes, lip organs, and six-stringed zithers.

The Co Ho cultivate rice through burning the land and submerging their fields.