AP Wire Service Photos

AP Wire Photo September 7, 1966
U.S. pilot captured — This radiophoto, monitored in Tokyo, was released by the Viet Nam News Agency in Hanoi with caption stating that it shows U.S. 1st LT. Thomas Mitchell McNish about to be captured after he bailed out of his F-105 during a raid north of Hanoi.
AP Wire Photo 1965
Viet Cong suspects hooded with their own shirts. They were captured in Que Son district some 35 miles Southwest of DaNang. They were captured by U.S. Marines who were airlifted into the area to search for a Viet Cong Regiment suspected of being in the area.
AP Wire Photo 1966
Two wounded Marines from “I” company 7th Marines await evacuation by Helicopter. The Marines engaged the NVA South of the Demilitarized Zone.
AP Wire Photo 1967
US Army troops seek shelter from sniper bullets as well as dust and debris stirred up by helicopters landing additional members of the 25th Infantry Division in a dry canal some eight miles west of Saigon.
AP Wire Photo 1968
An unidentified Recon Marine with face painted and bush hat decorated with grenade pins rests after a sweep near the U.S. Marine base at Kha Sahn.
AP Wire Photo April 25, 1965
Bull’s Eye — U.S. Marine PFC. Jerry D. Goff of St. Louis MO. examines a split barrel of his M-14 rifle which was hit square in the bore by Viet Cong sniper bullet during exchange of fire with guerrillas at My Song, south of DaNang. Goff was slightly wounded in the face by the freak occurrence.
AP Wire Photo February 1967
SPECIAL DELIVERY — Helicopters, supposed to be able to land on a dime, found they couldn’t touch down on narrow hilltops in the Central Vietnam coastlands, but that didn’t stop them from delivering right on the money. Engineers blasted drop areas clear and the giant Chinook choppers dropped their soldiers of the 5th Battalion 7th Cavalry Regiment to participate in operation Thayer II some 15 miles southwest of Bong Son, which is some 300 miles northwest of Saigon.
AP Wire Photo January 1969
A line of GIs moves through the mist during a patrol in the coconut groves of Kien Hoa Province in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam. The troopers, members of the army’s 2nd Brigade, 9th Infantry Division, were assessing damage by a B-52 strike on enemy held groves in the province.
AP Wire Photo May 13, 1968
Wounded by shrapnel from a rocket, U.S. 25th Division soldier is carried by his buddies to an evacuation helicopter in the Cholon section of Saigon.
AP Wire Photo May 1966
Treatment and Questioning — Le Van Minh, suspected Viet Cong who was taken with his family after a U.S. aerial attack, lies on a table of 173rd Airborne Brigade field hospital for removal of steel fragments. At the same time a Vietnamese interrogator leans over Minh to question him about connection with the Viet Cong.
AP Wire Photo March 1967
Paratroopers string machine gun rounds into a bunker next to a burning hut in a Viet Cong base camp in War Zone C. The camp was about 65 miles Northwest of Saigon. The purpose of the operation was to remove and destroy material used by the Viet Cong.
AP Wire Photo March 1969
Marines move in — Troops of the 1st Marine Division move into an area just south of DaNang, behind a heavy screen of tanks. The area was believed to contain an enemy battalion command post. The combined armor and infantry operation got underway after a helicopter drop of two Marine companies into the area had to be canceled when it encountered heavy fire from the ground.
AP Wire Photo November 1965
FOUGHT TILL THE END — A Vietnamese machine gunner lies dead in his foxhole with hundreds of shells surrounding him. The knee-deep spent shells are silent proof that he fought to his death when Viet Cong overran his position at the Michelin Rubber Plantation, 45 miles northwest of Saigon. The battleground was retaken today and over a hundred corpses recovered.
AP Wire Photo January 1965
Pinned Down–An American paratrooper of the 173rd U.S. Airborne Brigade crouches with women and children in a muddy canal as intense Viet Cong sniper fire temporarily pins down his unit near Bao Trai, Vietnam.