Vietnam War - A Memoir - History

Military Memorabilia

Welcome to our Memorabilia site. We have broken this section into four main sites listed below.

Click link below to go to articles which provide some of their history:

Show Me the Money
This site contains; Military MPC, Vietnamese Dong and some Indochina Bills. It has some rare National Liberation Front Bills that were captured from a unfortunate Viet Cong in 1966. The NLF bills are in a clickable format so you can view them up close, you can see a picture of a downed helicopter with a VC waving a Viet Cong Flag while standing on top of the downed American helicopter. Most Vets will find this very interesting. Flash back to memories and memorabilia from the war years.

South Vietnamese Medals
This site is a collection of Pre-1975 South Vietnamese Medals. All of these medals have been collected since 1988 when we started returning to Vietnam as a Vets group. Some of them are extremely rare, if you have information about any of these or think that the name of the medal is incorrect please let me know. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this page.

North Vietnamese Medals
We’re not done with the medals yet. Now we come to the North Vietnamese Medals collection. This collection is growing every time we return to Vietnam. The medals of the NVA and NLF are still available today. This collection includes: Medals, Pin and Badges. I’ve made the Pins and Badges into tables that should speed up the load time. This site should be of interest to most Vets and collectors of military memorabilia. This site has a link to an article on the development of the NVA and the NLF as fighting units. If you know the names of any of the “Unknown” medals please notify me by e-mail.

This site is like opening that old footlocker of memorabilia, photos and memories of a time past. It will stir your heart as well as your memory. Remember when all you had to do was write “free” on an envelope, no stamps were necessary. Your mail made it look like the war was fought in San Francisco. Those were the days.